2211 Moorpark Avenue
San Jose


MOORPARK PROFESSIONAL CENTER is designed for the medical, dental and other professional who wants a practice in a high-quality professional building with subterranean private parking and quick access to major freeways and regional hospitals. This building offers 16 privately owned suites ranging in size from 992 to 3,764 square feet. Adjacent suites can be joined or divided as required. For a limited time, medical professionals can own their medical properties for about the same amount as they would otherwise pay in market rate rent.


At last, a physician, dentist or other professional can receive the tax advantages of owning real estate and benefit from the growth in value over the years. With every mortgage payment, the loan balance decreases, and owners create outstanding long-term investments. Finally, landlords will be a part of your past. Due to government regulation and frequent litigation, selling professional practices when the owners retire has become very difficult. But a physician, dentist or other professional in San Jose now has an opportunity to create a very valuable retirement asset that can be sold for cash or leased for permanent monthly income. Most professionals pay rent throughout their careers and have nothing to show for it on retirement. That ends here.


MOORPARK PROFESSIONAL CENTER is located at 2211 Moorpark Avenue in San Jose, at the intersection of I-880 and I-280, several blocks away from O'Connor Hospital and across the street from the new Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. Multiple hospitals and medical centers are within brief driving distances.


SBA (Small Business Administration) and Chase Bank financing is available for buyers at very attractive rates. It is now possible that medical professionals can own their office properties at monthly costs equal to or less than the costs of renting such properties. Most leases include automatic annual rent increases, typically about 3%, but available mortgages are fixed rate. Monthly payments never rise. So, as time passes, the cost of owning becomes significantly less than renting.

Every mortgage payment includes principal, so the debt declines and the owner's equity increases every month. But rent payments benefit only the landlord who gets wealthy at the expense of tenants. At MOORPARK PROFESSIONAL CENTER, the sole beneficiary is the physician, dentist or other professional who owns his or her property.

Medical professionals usually own their homes, their cars and their medical / dental practices. Now 16 of them can own their business properties as well.


MOORPARK PROFESSIONAL CENTER is a contemporary two-story building over subterranean parking with solar energy cells on the roof. Every suite is equipped with high-speed Internet access. An additional outdoor parking lot is on the rear side abutting I-280. Next door is the Mini Gourmet Restaurant and across the intersection is San Jose City College's Technology Building.

All suites include thermostats controlling heating and air conditioning. Some suites have internal restrooms. New modern restrooms are nearby on both floors.


MOORPARK PROFESSIONAL CENTER includes a mahogany Board Room for the exclusive use of the property owners. There professionals can conduct private meetings with clients or patients accessing a large television screen with Internet access. Owners can meet for social lunches or other gatherings. Birthdays and other special events can be celebrated. A large conference table and executive chairs are in place for property owners association meetings, and a wine cooler, temperature programmed for red and white wines, is installed for the owners' private wines to be stored and shared among friends at the end of a busy day.


All suites include private parking spaces in the subterranean garage. Each property owner is assigned exclusive, covered parking spaces that are not shared, so suite owners are assured of exclusive parking for themselves and senior staff members while plenty of indoor and outdoor parking is available for staff and patients.